Friday, May 7, 2010

fltgc: tony style

fltgc celeb planner: tony, this week's fltgc orchestrator. linda and i followed this gallery crawl. first up was gavin brown's enterprise and was welcomed with this.

doh! no biggie more art to see and i will catch you next week gbe. next up was deitch's last show (sniff sniff) - shepard fairey's may day. saw the mural a few weeks back. it's also in the wooster space amongst this below.

ms. harry

love me some cornel west!

this made me miss the left coast

down the street to the drawing center, where unfortunately they don't allow photos. tony highlighted the leon golub show, live & die like a lion, but i was more enthralled by the exhibit across the street by dorothea tanning. her sketches of costumes for the famed choreographer george balanchine are whimsical with a touch of mutant qualities.

last up was a fav of fltgc, team gallery for the latest show by norwegian gardar eide einarsson's large scale black and white paintings.

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