Saturday, May 8, 2010

patrick watson at 92y tribeca

best remedy to not getting tickets for bss: patrick watson at 92y tribeca. dude!!! may 7th felt like a festival weekend. bss was at webster hall, sharon van etten was at bell house and local natives were at bowery. holy cannoli! shar's glad she saw pat tho. he ruled and i've been wanting to see him for months now after viewing this.

thomas bartlett (aka doveman) opened for him. i've only seen him play ditties from footloose, so was a treat to hear some of his own compositions. one he wrote about angel's share.

the entirety of mr. watson's set was intimately lit and he was full of cheer to be in nyc. he likes how 92y tribeca pours a mean whiskey in a pint glass. sweet! megaphones were used to full capacity. you might be wonder what the heck that first pic was. well friends it's the megaphone capacitator. what you say? it's a backpack with 5 megaphones attached to amplify in intimate spaces like the one last night. pat weaved himself into the middle of the crowd for max megaphoning. the one below was a more of a traditional use of megaphoning with plunger top.

pat likes to cross his legs when he is at the piano

i was lame and missed out on a hang out sesh with mr. watson. shar's a loser. mollie, how was pat? did he love my dollywood reference?

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