Friday, April 23, 2010

fltgc: ned vena and shepard fairey

newbies to fltgc: ned vena at clifton benevento and shepard fairey collab with deitch. first up was clifton benevento, open only for a month. i was a little bummed i missed the whimsical opening exhibit big apple, instead i saw ned vena's grand pieces utilizing linens and acid-etched mirrors. in the new space, it's an interesting installation that included stitching over electrical outlets.

there's a bloody mary brunch this sunday at clifton benvento from noon to 5pm.
shepard fairey replaced os gemeos at houston and bowery

obey wallpaper?
there was a elephant too
shep's mural is a preview of the final show at deitch - may day. it opens may 1. shar will be there for deitch's last hurrah.

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