Friday, August 7, 2009

os gemeos on houston street

must outdoor fltgc: os gemeos on houston. the folks at deitch curated the project of "the twins". like much of os gemeos previous works the mural bursts with sunshiny colors - perfect for summer lovin'. so jac and i met up with jenni at houston and bowery to view the latest and greatest for this brazilian duo.

it twas a loverily low humidity afternoon. perfect weather for viewing. there are a ton of little intricacies to os gemeos' works. people coming out of fishes is a testament to the dualities of layers. the detail of the patterns that infuse fabrics. the play of the bricks on the uneven wall. it's all very textured. i kept seeing little things i hadn't notice on first view. shar could prolly go back a couple more times and find something new. but nuff of the commentary and more colorful pics.

dedication to dash snow

closest shar will get to owning a piece of os gemeos
the ny times did a nice slideshow too.

1 comment:

Angelina said...

awesome colors! and you look really cute in that pic too! = )

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