Wednesday, June 23, 2010


totally worth the wait belated fltgc: guggenheim bilbao. shar's dreamed of setting foot upon the famed institution and today was the day. i planned my basque holiday around this venture. i saved it for last on my way out of the country back to jolly good england. popped by as it opened and flashed my gugg membership card (still have berlin and venice to hit, who's down?). the building itself is a marvel of architectural genius with nooks and crannies that unfold knew perspectives. whether overlooking the vast sculptures of richard serra to jenny holzer's floor to ceiling led panels, the building's unique structure highlights the pieces displayed. the gugg is notrious with their no pictures inside policy, but i snapped this of jenny's piece.

the special exhibit featured anish kapoor. i wasn't a fan of his new works of cement sculpture. looked like piles of poop to me. i did like the wax cannon though. also, the other exhibition featured french painter henri rousseau, who i hadn't heard much of and was happily introduced to. then, there are robert rauscheberg's gluts, which i was slightly familar with. his reuse of "trash" primarily from his home in texas really translates to the current waste filling the gulf of mexico.

bear reminds me of leo the lion at the art institute

anish kapoor

jeff koons' puppy

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Angela said...

Love it! So glad you finally made it to the Gugg in Bilbao.

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