Sunday, June 27, 2010


best fundraising trip ever: cardiff for armed forces day. my pal jenny invited me out to help her fundraiser for help for heroes, a charity she climbed kilimanjaro for last year. it was a grand time. we made £400 on friday night before the big day's festivities. jenny was a 40's sailor gal and she was fab. look!
saturday, i was a sailor and jenny was an army pin-up gal. the men in uniform loved her. it was all good fun.

beanie and marco, our muscle

on our way to the parade, prince charles waved at us. i think he liked our outfits.

jenny blagged our way onto the hms kent.
i don't think they minded.
me and my crew at the terra nova
also there, i saluted a fellow sailor and he gave us this for our charitable efforts.

no joke, check me and jenny out

paul was awesome. two and half hours, plus two encores. nuff said.


Angelina said...

WOW what a fabulous weekend! This is a weekend you tell stories about FOREVER! You and Jenny looked so cute in your outfits-- no wonder Prince Charles waved at you! = )

jac said...

super super cute outfits! jenny looked adorable. loved the romper + bright red lipstick!

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