Monday, June 28, 2010

wimbeldon - day 7

all time london to do: wimbeldon. shar, along with thousands of others, queued for tickets to wimbeldon on day 7 of the championship. the 4 hours seemed to fly. i must say the best queuing experience i've had and there's grass to sit on. i'm glad i got up at 4:30 though because i got front row seats on court 12, which feature jelena jankovic, jo-wilfried tsonga and robin soderling. i was there a solid 6 hours friends. yes, shar loves tennis (missed you henry).

strawberries and cream, anyone?

my fav - pimm's!
tommy robredo, practicing serves before his win in men's doubles jelena arrives

jelena before she retired because injury

vera zvonavera
jo-wilfried tsonga

robin soderling

his fans in force

david ferrer

kim clijsters and xaxier malisse winning mixed double. this was after she had beatenher fellow country women justine henin.

henman hill


jac said...

can you please start posting stuff about how boring your life in london is? would make it alot easier for the rest of us stuck at work in the states. :p

Andy Joe said...

woah, love those front row action shots.

Angelina said...

OMG I totally concur with Jac's comment! My life couldn't possibly seem more boring compared to yours! LOL.

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