Thursday, July 1, 2010

bss at hmv forum

at last moment: broken social scene live. shar's been wanting to see kevin drew and crew for years and years. they blew up and members started touring with their own bands (ie. feist, stars and metric). so it's been a long time a coming for shar to see the canadian crew live. last night was the night. up on the velvet benches of the hmv forum, bss was shar's. oh yes! they banged out with their latest single "world sick". kevin joked how on a talk show the night before they said they should have renamed "texico bitches" to "bp bitches", but they were in london afterall and they did not want to offend.

kevin drew jumped into the crowd to seranade us with "sweetest kill". he had a broken toe, so he was a trooper. shar loves her some kevin drew. AND he did encore with my all time fav "lover's spit". it was no this, but i still loved it and sang along. kevin said it was a song about being responsible. they rocked out completely on the final song, "meet me in the basement".

luke temple and here we go magic opened

lisa lobsinger singing "all to all"

kevin drew and brendan canning, the john and paul of bss

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