Wednesday, June 9, 2010

text show: this is the book i have written for you

yay area friends!!!! go to park life on friday for my pal bill's show. he curated it. all these wonderful artists will have stuff up:
Stephanie Brooks
Dana Dart Mclean
Michael Dumontier
Karen Flatow
Neil Farber
Ed Fella
Tom Friel
Jeff Gabel
Jason Jagel
Steve Lambert
Bob Linder
Tucker Nichols
Nigel Peake
Mike Perry
Jason Polan
William Powhida
Nathaniel Russell
Michael Scoggins
Josh Shaddock
David Shrigley
Zoe Strauss
Wendy White
say hi to bill and give him a hug. he loves them. also, his lady mel will be there. apparently people think we look alike. give her a hug too.

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