Friday, July 9, 2010

hej (again) kobenhavn!

best return: copenhagen! it's been 10 years since shar's been back to copenhagen. my pal angela (who i met studying there) had planned to return for a 10 year anniversary. so here we are a decade later. it's amazing how much came back to us and the old streets we used to bike. it was a little different on foot in the begining of the day, but we managed to snag the last two city bikes in the evening for a trek to my old apartment. care to take a trip down memory lane with shar?

black diamond intieror. shar spent so many hours here. i didn't have my danish library card to gain access. wonder if they would still take it.

my old grocery spot. love me some netto.

leigh-anne! your street and we think your building?

we located your flat because mexibar still stands across the street.

my very first yoga class was taken here.

ang in front of her flat from 10 years ago

think this was my building. can't remember the exact house number.

we've got an artist at my old flat

shawarma pizza at the place across from my flat. it's still standing 10 years later. still cheap and delicious as i remembered it.

lovely view of the lake on the ride back from my old flat to the city center


Leigh-Anne said...

Hej Shar & Angela! How fun, I wish I could have joined you on the Kobenhavn Reunion Tour.

My building is the brick one. You guys have an awesome memory!

Angelina said...

Gosh, hard to believe it's been 10 years already!! Great pics and looks like you had an awesome time! Yay!

Mollie said...

How fun!! It makes me want to go visit my old haunts in France! Glad to see you're having fun! I'm in SF and it's cold and foggy here. Of course. xoxo

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