Thursday, July 8, 2010

black rat press - street studio

much belated visit: black rat press. pal christina ray had recommended the good folks at black rat press on my departure of ny, so been meaning to pop by. vandalog clued me in on the street studio book launch, so away shar went.

shar was handed an asahi on her way in and she was a happy camper. christina had told me that they repped swoon so happy to see her pieces on the exposed brick of brp's warehouse space. also, happy to find banksy and faile amongst the crew. i was introduced to ghostpatrol who was part of the street studio launch. shar will be back for good street art goodness. that's for sure.

ghostpatrol's "twin galaxies" (£2000)
ghostpatrol's "mug shot" some one wanna get it for me? only £600
gorgeous swoon

space invader at the top of rivington on my way to brp
space invader, hiding on my way home from brp

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