Wednesday, July 7, 2010

arcade fire at hackney empire

best london concert so far: arcade fire at hackney empire. wooooh weeee wowsers! shar was ragging on the new stuff that win and company had released. didn't really take to "month of may" and still haven't entirely embraced it, but the rest of their new album, "the suburbs" sounds steller. you know how you go to a gig and you are like ugh new song. can you just stick to the old favs? gawd! well, shar didn't feel that way. plus, i was really impressed that arkady fireovitch played a lot from funeral.

the montreal outfit started off with "laika" then some newbies. then win joked, "this one's called yes boats, yes" as they went into "no cars go". cheeky win. regine was in fine form and better than i remembered her in past gigs. whether behind the drum kit or front and center belting "haiti", she was a sparkly gem.

the gang came out with an amazing encore. win lovelying tickled the keys for "crown of love", then they really went at it with "tunnels", "keep the car running" and concluding with the wtwta anthem "wake up". needless to say shar was up in the gallery section jumping, dancing and singing her heart's of hearts off. apparently flo from florence and the machine was doing the same. (julie, i was so close to your gal.) matt horn from gavin and stacey was there too. in conclusion, best london concert so far. this one will be hard to top.

we used to wait. win gets ready to crowd surf.

crown of love

wake up

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