Sunday, August 1, 2010

emirates cup: arsenal

must live sporting event: emirates cup. shar's been dying to go to a proper football match. when my coworker told me about the emirates cup, i wooed my arsenal supporting flatmate to come with me to get tickets. the emirates stadium is amazing. the seats are padded. my bum said thanks. the consessions weren't has laudable. their hot dogs are some sort of processed meaf and the buns are stale. guess i've been spoiled by she she fa fa foods of at&t park and citi field. nonetheless, the atmosphere and fans made up for it and knowing i could walk home.

said flatmate, t and my mug (gosh how am i still tan?)

my fav jack wilshere and the man of the match
arsenal won the cup with the only victory of the tourney, 3-2 over celtic

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