Wednesday, August 4, 2010

snail mail love

last night i received some snail mail from one of my oldest friends, cynthia. she's literally one of the busiest people i know from being a social worker, mom and wife. it's crazy how much she does, and it really meant a lot when she took out time to write lil ol' me.

shar's always been an advocate of snail mail, though you know i love me some blogging and friends can attest to my email prowlness. there's nothing better than a postcard from a far of place or just a note to say cheer up buttercup. heck, i even got an orginal mini painting by this gal. the character of someone's handwriting. the tangibility of opening an envelope. it's sad less people write letters, but shar's putting up a small front to keep this going. in fact, i've almost exhausted the stationary that i did pack with me. send someone you love a piece of postal goodness. it's sure to bring a smile their face.

1 comment:

Angelina said...

Wow you've been getting lots of snail mail love! That's so great to see and yay! That's my painting! = )

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