Tuesday, November 23, 2010

127 hours

must viewing to remind you to keep at least one person aware of your whereabouts: 127 hours. shar's been wanting to see this movie since her london colleagues discussed the flick over a fish n' chips lunch. shar likes to hike. shar likes to climb, but not as much as aron ralston. danny boyle has managed to capture the harrowing predicament that aron got himself into when a boulder pinned his hand against a canyon, causing him to cut off his own arm. oh yes, what you heard is true? it's as grizzly as you think it will be. remember trainspotting, friends? it's vintage boyle. all i have to say about the scene is never underestimate bone. aside from the climax of the chopping act, danny boyle infuses human emotion into the flick, much like his award winning slumdog millionaire. as a viewer, you are kicking aron and then rooting for his dumbass, egotistical self. go see it!

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