Friday, November 19, 2010

fltgc: christina ray and the hole

best epic return to fltgc: christina ray. sadly, the namesake was not present but shar and jac enjoyed heather l. johnson's erasure. her careful use of needlepoint to depict the past history of asylums in hudson county, nj is inventive and harkens back to old timey maps. jac though they were prisons, and shar thought they were for "crazies". jac commented about how very p.c. shar is. despite my un-pc nature, shar was right.

from christina ray, i hit the hole solo. this was a spot that my pal mel had recommended. apparently the new gallery in soho was founded by two former directors of the greatly missed deitch projects. the hole keeps up with the fun that deitch was known for with hot glue hullabaloo. bursts of color line the walls and head to the backroom for a dayglo fun.

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