Tuesday, December 14, 2010

blue valentine

most worth the wait film: blue valentine. when bam posted that they would be previewing the much anticipated film with a q&a with director derek cianfrance, shar was there and there. since i heard the who ha from sundance, i was in. two of my favorite actors - ryan gosling and michelle williams. check! heartbreak. check! grizzly bear soundtrack. check!

why they thought to rate it at nc-17 was beyond me. maybe the raw emotions were too intense for the film board? friends, the hype is true. this is truly a remarkable nuanced film and all the golden globe nominations the film received. this was a 12 year labor of love from mr. cianfrance. he illuminated the viewing with background about the filming, from how the clip below was improvised and casting the young girl who played ryan and michelle's daughter. all good stuff! go see it when it opens december 31.

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