Monday, December 13, 2010

s.carey @ highline ballroom

best wintry remedy from the bitter cold: s. carey at highline ballroom. sean carey is the drummer of the wintry band bon iver, so you know this boy's got pipes. the highline ballroom was barely full, but those coming in from the snow showers were pleasantly warmed by the lush vocals of mr. carey. he went through the entirety of his debut album, all we grow. he also played a b-side, "leave" and covered notwist's "consequences". (note: opener winter hinterland covered katy perry's "teenage dream" for her last tune of her set.)

my highlight of the night was sean's rendition of "move". quietly moving and held me at every note. swoon! also, 99% sure jens lekman was standing 10 feet away from me enjoying some s. carey goodness. pretty plausible as he was in brooklyn on friday.

here's a great vid of sean below that yours truly filmed in my hometown and a great daytrotter sesh here.

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