Monday, December 20, 2010

holiday deadline

usps reports that today will be the "busiest mailing day of the year with more than 800 million pieces of mail expected to enter the system." every year since i can remember i have continued my tradition of holiday cards promptly on turkey weekend. prioritizing the international folks first of course, then working the domestics. year after year, the holiday cards that return decreases little by little. i do receive lovely emails thanking me for the snail mail cheer, but there's something special about that tangible card and lining them on my non-existent mantle. i love hearing from friends that i haven't heard from since last holiday.

heck, i know i've overlooked some in the process who will scoff at missing snail mail cheer. for those, you know i'll see you soon for holiday hugs or send me your postal addy. hopefully, i won't misplace or you won't move next year.

here's to keeping snail mail alive. one card at a time. oh yeah and helping with the usps's $8.5 billion loss this year.

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Angelina Fong Designs said...

Yep! My post office had a line out the door and for some reason, only 1 person working up front! WTF? Luckily, my package was pre-paid and I only needed to drop off!

OH! And I had your Christmas card up on my bookcase and Tina saw it on Saturday. She loved it!

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