Sunday, January 23, 2011

the red river at piano's

must california fix for wintry blues: the red river at piano's. though the show room at piano's was not packed, the vocals of bill roberts and friends filled the hearts of their faithful fans who braved the single digit temperatures. opening up with "milk n' honey", the gang immediately brought smiles to everyone's faces. bill's got some sweet moves too. their set fell under an hour, but they did encore with "man of the frontier". watching them made think how much fun it would be to tour the country with some of your best friend's playing tunes for whoever would watch you. it's was a treat. no image and not a single pair of skinny jeans in sight for this long beach, ca crew.

these kids played an excellent tiny desk concert a last year. click play below and enjoy! if you are sold, they are headlining union hall tomorrow night in brooklyn.

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