Tuesday, February 8, 2011

lost in the trees

must live performance: lost in the trees at mercury lounge. shar was bummed when the stars didn't align when these kids played joe's pub early january, but i was delighted when they swung back on the tail end of their month long tour. the modest and very sweet lead ari picker leads his band with a voice that emotes sadness and regret. he is backed by emma nadeau's siren like pipes. you should check out the tiny desk concert that the group gave back in september. it's a testament to their musical talents.

i was reeling as ari strummed the first chord of "all alone in an empty house". starts all lulling and jumps into a rollicking cacophony. what was surprising was how rollicking the group was and arty. check out the dino.

1 comment:

Braxis said...

very nice music.. but lyrics are lacking in cohesion.

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