Saturday, March 26, 2011

support bay area goodness

must kickstarter support: boxcar theater's little shop of horrors and "have food will travel".

boxcar is my pal peter's theatre company and i had the pleasure to finally see him action earlier this year in clue. i had heard about this little shop of horrors production staged on skid row and was sad i would have to miss it. so i would hate for the fine folks of sf and beyond to miss the opportunity as well. so if you can and like live theatre, please go support boxcar whether through kickstarter or attending a show. there's an anonymous donor that will match the goal amount.

second up is my friend leonard's film "have food will travel". do you like food? do you like to travel? do you like both sandwiched into foodie wunderlust action? this is a film for you. it holds a special place in my heart because it starts where i grew up in sf's chinatown and traverses to my parent's the villages in guangzhou.

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