Friday, April 22, 2011

fltgc: kara walker, katy grannan, caetano de almeida

must fltgc trifecta: lehmann maupin + salon 94 + eleven rivington.

first up, the new kara walker exhibit at lehmann maupin. a series of videos kara made with shadow puppets depicting one, miss pipi. the video montage melds delta blues and the mythology of white southern womanhood. it's up until june 4.

next up was caetano de almeida at eleven rivington. this brazilian painter creates colorful bursts that you can't help but love. layers of lines and circles cover his pieces. i would gladly purchase one for my imaginary loft with my non-existent six figure salary.

last but not least was salon 94, where the photos of katy grannan donned the walls. spread across two gallery spaces, one in freemans alley and the other around the corner on bowery, depicts regular peeps walking the streets of my home state california - la to sf. set against a plain white stucco wall. the bright sun doesn't seem to wash them out, but highlight the quirkiness of the folks i grew up walking by everyday. catch it before is closes may 14.

walking back on the conclusion of our crawl, i realized that storefront for art and architecture had a cool interactive exhibit up called dig. artist daniel arsham literally dug and picked through styrofoam blocks.
results kinda remind me of reliving luke skywalker's time in the hoth system circa empire strikes back.
virginia's feet in the styrofoam oasis

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Virginia said...

That was so fun! I should've framed you better in that pic though, could've gotten you down to the feet.

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