Sunday, April 3, 2011

jane eyre

best smolder-deflect viewing: jane eyre. charlotte bronte's classic has always been one of my favorite books. above all the austen works, plain jane always had a special place in my heart. so much i created a lesson plan for the novel for extra credit. yeah, i'm a nerd.

so when i saw the trailer for the new adaption with one, mia wasikowska, it planted a fire. much like the one that burns down thornfield. jane's a willful fighter which is much suited to the smoldering allure of mr. rochester, played by the dashing michael fassbender (soon to be magneto in the x-men reboot). enter the theme of the latest adaption that director cary fukunaga masterfully executed - the smolder and deflect.

chills? i sure felt them. cary was able to bring out the nuances of jane's pained and restrained desire for that grumpy rochester. p.s. i loved the post-fire indie hipster beard on blind rochester. bravo cary, bravo!

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jac said...

oooOOOOo i MUST watch this now!!

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