Saturday, April 2, 2011

brooklyn museum: 1st saturday

belated fltgc: first saturday at brooklyn museum. shar snoozed last month on one of my fav days of the month. there's something exhilarating about first saturday. there's a cross section of families and young singles that attend this free monthly extravaganza.

i was first mesmerized by situ studio's reimagination of the first floor grand hall. it made me feel like little alice in wonderland. stretch cloth drapes the tall columns to create mushroom-like sculptures.

"you can't lay down your memories" chest of drawers

lorna simpson was a new discovery for me. she's an artist based in brooklyn, and she happened to have graduated from my alma mater ucsd. in her exhibition gathered, she has mounted images she bought from ebay or flea markets. she sneakily posed in a few and threw them in the mix. another series of photo booth pictures during the jim crow era drew a contemplative reaction from young visitors. i overheard them say, "can you imagine if one of these people were a family member?"

ipad deejaying

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