Sunday, April 17, 2011

sharon van etten at last

worth the wait: sharon van etten. shar's been pining to see sharon live. so tonight was the night. i had to leave a bachelorette party and braved the rain minus a umbrella. when sharon walked on the stage the crowd cheered and then oops she had to run back for something. she opened with two solos and then her band joined up for "peace sign" and "save yourself". there was quite the audience saturday with one lady yelling "i love you sharon". ms. van etten was a sweetheart and obliged the shouters even when the rest of the audience found it irate.

one especially great moment was when she started "tornado" by saying how she wrote it on a classic guitar in a field in texas. she said she wanted to do something different than how it was originally composed. opening into the first verse with just her haunting voice and electric guitar, by the time she hit the chorus the band drove in and sharon ripped at her guitar. sharon didn't disappoint and ended the set with my fav "love more". i was entranced by her, the harmonium and finally getting to see her afterall this time.

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