Friday, August 5, 2011

better late than never

better late than never fltgc: team gallery and half gallery. wow friends, shar's been slacking on the art crawlin'. i knew i felt a little off. got my butt to the group show, "i sent my love a red, red rose" at team on it's last day. the works of marc hundley, donald urquhart and jean-luc verna were on show. urquhart (left) was my fav.

next up was a new addition to the fltgc line-up, half gallery. joe bradley, dan colen, leo fitzpatrick, hanna liden, nate lowman, adam mcewen, josh smith and dash snow respond to the works of ray johnson. notable was dash snows shelled smoking bird. bonus: ray johnson buttons and a nice booklet on ray johnson's free associations. nice shots of his mail art.

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