Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the view from a volcano

premature fltgc: the view from the volcano at the kitchen. funny that when i arrived the building was evacuated due to a lil rumble. funny enough when i got up tot he gallery a gent said, "earthquake? i'm from california. i'm used to it." my sentiments exactly.

anyhoot, been meaning to check out this historical collage of an exhibit on the notable media space. the space started on 420 mercer, then moved to wooster and broome. wish it were still in the hood because this space has hosted the likes of laurie anderson, philip glass, karole armitage, the beastie boys (when they were teens), talking heads, cindy sherman, sonic youth and fab five freddie. a curation of videos, posters and press releases create a timeline of works. closes saturday, august 27 so try to get your soho art history before then.

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