Saturday, November 5, 2011

first saturday!

much missed saturday activity: first saturdays at brooklyn museum.  how shar's let saturday after saturday slip by, she doesn't know but she was fully prepared to make up for it.  first up the sanford biggers exhibit in the cantor gallery.  pianos. lights. trees.

i was quite excited to check out the youth and beauty: art of the american twenties exhibit, but honestly was underwhelmed. i guess i was expecting a more robust collection.  it was the usual suspects - georgia o'keffe, alfred stieglitz, edward hopper and imogen cunningham.

i breezed through the eve hesse's septres 1960 exhibit with it's free flowing strokes.  lastly, i was pleasantly surprised by the singular piece by matthew buckingham.  "the spirit and the letter" feels like you are part of the installation. 

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