Friday, November 18, 2011

fltgc: marilyn minter and billy childish

must fltgc: salon 94 and lehmann maupin.  two of old trusted friends of art.  first up, marilyn minter at salon 94.  while passing by the new museum, there was a crowd in there probs getting ready to slide down the museum.  anyhoot, minter's video pieces are mesmerizing.  who knew dousing metallic paint on toddlers would so awe inspiring.  friends, it is.  i especially like the pig tailed girl wallowing in the silver goodness.  catch before is close december 4.

then it was billy childish at lehmann maupin.  recently featured on a/v, this dude is kinda awesome.  art and tunes.  poetry and prose.  this gent does everything.  his paintings are impressionistic, but modern.  up until january 21.

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