Saturday, November 19, 2011


best late to the game recovery: friday night lights series completed.  okay everyone and their mother has been lauding this series.  my brother for years had been telling me best show ever. coworkers were on me.  my best friend was the one who eventually got me to start.  after kyle chandler and jason katims won the emmy this year, my butt got into gear.  i barreled through three seasons like nobody's business.  only took me less than 2 weeks.  season four in three days.  THREE DAYS!!!  it was my tv crack.  last night, friday night, i concluded the series with another late adopter, liz.  one of the few series that's ending is pitch perfect.  closing out story arches nicely and nothing too over the top.  it vies with my fav tv series of all time, the wire.  funny, a certain someone is featured in both series. coincidence? luckily it isn't exactly the end of fnl.  there are already confirmations of a movie in the future and not like that one with billy bob.  clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.  can't believe i'm typing this, but texas forever.

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