Monday, March 12, 2012


was fortunate to be sent to barcelona for a meetings.  as i am, i jam packed fun and work to the agenda. got friends to fly in from london (t!) and rome (kristen, who i haven't seen since berlin.); patricia came down via bus from vitoria.   i'm a lucky gal.
view from the deck of my hotel
bocqueria: land of food
best razor clams ever from above
macba, aka skate park mecca
madrid starts here
shop was closed for a private party. wish i was invited
cape store
the shrimp trough at abuelo
before the trough
t and kristen with churros and chocolate
k realizing that the c & c shop was actually closer than we thought in daylight
meat carving at mercado san miguel
guess where we went?
patricia came south to meet up with me in plaza mayor
k, p, s and t = new and old amigas


Spicy.Ginger.Ale said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time :) Can't wait to see you again!

jac said...

jealous!!! teresa, churros, art and plump razor clams? don't know which i one i like the best!

Andy Joe said...

wow, looks like an amazing trip.

Angela said...

Glad you got to go abroad again! One day I'll make it to Spain.

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