Sunday, March 4, 2012

art crawl with kristin: part deux

best part deux: kristin.  okay it only took her four years to get back but happy to team up again for an ultimate art crawl.  so we started off at the whitney biennial, which we both agreed was underwhelming.  there was more concentration on performance art and film.  i was interested in sarah michelson's piece, but we did have tickets or time. 
check out kristin's new shades courtesy of georgia sagri
me likies tom thayer
we both liked nicole eisenman
werner herzog
other mentionables, but not snapped were: 

best uplift after a lukewarm biennial: cindy sherman @ moma.  woot!  now this is what we needed.  famed photog who's chameleon-like nature weaves all sorts of characters from scary clowns to gorgeous film stills.  totes worth weaving through crowds for this one.  also on the same floor, which we breezed through was the print/out exhibition.

kristin made this
best recommendation: phillips de pury.  mel and bill have been on me to check out this auction house.  kristin was jazzed cause she's been following simon "make it amazing" de pury on work of art. we loved, loved it.

who's #1? KRISTIN! in front of amy gartrell
bill, kristin and i are battling over this chris johanson
hi dzama
perfect of the highline
best last but not least: kesting/ray to pick up this beaute.
cautionary field 4 (black/pink), mark price

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kfarr said...

Shar is #1!!!!! Thanks for planning the BADGCE! Best all day gallery crawl ever!

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