Wednesday, March 28, 2012

polica at rock shop

best belated venue experience: rock shop for polica.  the buzzworthy band was the perfect first show for me at the rock shop.  i've watched a few sports event upstairs, but hadn't yet experienced music goodness.  the spot is cozy and shar loves a good comfy show.  the sound was pretty great too, which is always something i am weary about with smaller venues.

polica delivered the goods.  i've been awaiting the time i would see them live since viewing their video on the current. led by the affable channy leaneagh, this audio-tuned out band sports not one but two drummers and a bassist.  running through their first album, give you the ghost, channy crooned through settings like "harmony hold" and "delay" on her tuning step board.  the band, who goes back into the studio to work on their next album in april, debuted new tracks, "smug" and "exit raw".  channy moves a little like thom yorke did in that "lotus flower" video but way sloooowed down.  they are playing to a brooklyn bowl sunday night.  worth stopping by.  better pics here (if you look closely you'll see a dweeb in the front.)

Set list
the web
fist on the floor
violent game
happy to be fine
the maker
lay your cards out
exit raw
wandering star
leading to death

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