Saturday, October 27, 2012

margot redux

there are some bands that stay with you even as they take artistic reimaginings. for shar, margot and the nuclear so and so's are that band. i had a ticket to their show at the crocodile back in may, but bed ridden in a seattle hotel coughing my lungs out i sadly didn't make it. i'd heard the band had shifted from their chamber pop beginnings for a purer rock sound. my fav former members, emily watkins and casey tennis, went their separate ways so when i saw them on tuesday evening at mercury lounge i was a little apprehensive. the girl and boy harmonies and casey's eccentric percussions were missing, but really richard edwards is margot through and through. marissa was in tow for her first experience seeing the band, and she commented about how this really was one of my favorite bands as i sang along to most of their older material. makes me think back to when a colleague from my old radio days recommended them and i haven't stop listening. their take away show is still on of my all time favs. so that's my mini love letter to a walk down memory lane with margot. 

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