Friday, November 2, 2012

lost in translation

...but still getting by in tokyo. this trip came about from my deep desire for a real vacation.  i had planned for late november but when consulting my friends in japan i was told of a very important pop-up shop in harajuku was not to be missed early in november. so with less than a month to spare i booked a ticket and barely made it out post-hurricane sandy. pretty proud i've been able to navigate the rail fairly decently and got into all this fun.
capsule 512 - my home for 2 nights
i love this robe
ghibli museum = anime dreams come true

pond at inokashira park
pompette pop-up at design festa west
shibuya crossing


jac said...

Looks like an awesome time! That robe was really cute, did you get one as a souvenir?? And did you see saki?

sharock said...

no robe for a souvenir but should have asked?!?!? no saki yet but tomorrow

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