Sunday, November 4, 2012

osaka = eating my heart out

was uber thankful to have my coworker yoko, native of osaka take me on a grand fooding tour of her home town.
didn't eat this, but they are kobe beef meat pies

native osakian with true treat. yoko told me how squid is quite rare to find versus the much popular octopus

takoyaki, as much fun to watch made as it is to eat
#5 please

so this dude is a symbol of osaka
okonomiyaki prep

traditional tea in basement of daimura dept store.did you know you can eat green tea leaves? yeah, i did it


grace said...

so jealous of your japan trip - i wish i could've joined! but am glad that you're having a good time, as i knew you would. thanks for posting!

sharock said...

wish you were here too. eating enough for the both of us. :)

jac said...

Mmmm you ate some of my favorite things!!!

Angela said...

So jealous of all the yummy food! I love okonomiyaki!

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