Friday, March 22, 2013

fltgc: jon kessler + gert & uwe tobias

man there's been an imbalance in my life with out some good art, so here's me trying to kick myself back into it. attempting to resurrect friday lunch time gallery crawls (fltgc), so i hit up the jon kessler show at swiss institute. liked his last show at salon 94. he sure loves blue. for this his commentary on the web came from a ride on the ny subway in which most all riders were engrossed on their mobile devices. i was just thinking that as i was reading an actual paperback book. no kindles or nooks for me.

merry go round
that's me on the lower left screen

best grateful dead recreation ;)
next up was team gallery for the gert & uwe tobias show. most of the pieces were behind glass = bad glare. this was my fav.

reminds me of a crazy gothic portrait

on wooster

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