Monday, January 20, 2014

thanks niners!

what can I say after staying up until 3am in lisbon prior to my morning flight? the game that was tauted as a tight one came down to the final seconds. unfortunately kaep's throw into the end zone to crabtree was deflected by our most hated enemy, richard sherman. i actually thought kaep was the better quarterback even though he threw a pick. he showed a decent drive in the final hours. 

don't even get me started on the refs. two major missed calls, including one where bowman clearly had the ball before tweaking his leg uber bad. makes me sad that he won't get to play in the pro bowl. the defense was amazing and wanna say better than seattle, having stopped not one but two deep in the red zone touchdown possibilities. our boys played their hearts out. i'll obviously be rooting for the broncos because seeing those cocky seahawks win a super bowl will hurt my heart of hearts. 

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