Wednesday, March 18, 2015

where have my niners gone?

first off, sorry for the radio silence. life, work and travel have consumed me for this first few months of this year. this is a very belated commentary on the end of an era for the niners. at the end of the year, i said goodbye to coach harbaugh.  that was only the beginning to a major shift in niner personnel. news of patrick willis' retirement and then frank gore goes to the colts. yesterday chris borland announced retirement and today we sign reggie bush. not sure what is happening and it's definitely not the team i knew and loved even during the dark years. we faithful are up for more dark days ahead. i'm going to erase this from my head until the fall. i'll stick with some distractions by the warriors (though i'm weary they might be losing a little steam). i hope they prove me wrong tonight with big statement win over the hawks. oh yeah, giants season is revving up.

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