Thursday, April 2, 2015

return of fltgc

it's been busy times friends and i haven't had the joy of my regular friday lunch time gallery crawl jaunts. jac's moved from the work nabe so it will be a solo effort. it was a glorious spring day in new york and more reason to pry myself from my work desk and enjoy some vitamin d. first up was the john chamberlain and jean prouve at gagosian. this is closing this week so i had to hop to it. glad i made it. i'd seen john chamberlain's choices exhibit at the guggenheim a few years back and was just meh about it, but paired with prouve this time around made me appreciate his mangled sculptures more. maybe i just really like prouve. it's the architect's daughter in me.

then, i hit up anton kern for the painter of modern world group show, which was thumbs up. this one closes april 11, so jump on it. 

stanley whitney, insideout

a pair from nathaniel axel

a duo from ivan seal

sascha braunig reminds me of barry mcgee

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