Wednesday, September 27, 2017


this film had me at hello. i'm a self-professed architect's daughter, so this quiet, meditative celluloid piece was just my cup of tea. i'm also a fan of the midwest and now want to go to columbus. director kogonada draws out odes to ozu in the contemplative piece on familial responsibility. john cho speaks in his native korean tongue! haley lu richardson, who i only realized was in split after some light googling, reminded me of linda cardellini (a la lindsay weir in freaks and geeks.) a nice turn for parker posey in a supporting role brings me back to her indie darling shine. lastly, i totally didn't know it was rory culkin in the role of gabe, friend/potential love interest to richardson's lead character until after the credits rolled. the sundance buzz from this little film is deffo valid.

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