Friday, September 29, 2017

10 years!

i've always heard once you hit 10 years of living in new york you truly were an official new yorker. it's funny to read my 5 year post because i was so sure i was moving back to california. funny how 5 years flies and things change. 

i finally gave in and got a smart phone. i still struggle with this decision as i can see how the little computer in my hand has definitely changed my behavior in a negative way. i have to constantly remind myself less screen time, more real time. instagram has become my greatest vice.

i decided to volunteer at the whitney to maintain a consistent relationship with art. it's been amazing to go behind the scenes and was one of the first in when the then new meatpacking location opened.

i got a dream job at bam! working at an internationally renowned performing arts center affords a plethora of cultural delights - theater, music, dance, film and visual arts. what's not to love? i did have to say goodbye to annual trips to london, which i'm still getting withdrawal pangs from in the summer and winters. i've dropped my conference travel to once a year though.

but i've really set down roots in brooklyn by becoming a property owner. eeps! i never could afford sf or the bay area for that matter but having a place of my own without fear of rising rents provides the stability i need. also, sf just isn't the same as when i departed it a decade ago. i'll always come back to visit as all my ca pals migrate back year after year. will i be the last one standing?

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