Saturday, September 29, 2012

five years

tis my five year anniversary in new york.  man how time flies. i remember being slightly amped off a trip to london and settling into my pal mel's in east village (i DID live in manhattan for a week). we went to a lucksmiths show at cafe europa, which is now a club. funnier is that mel wasn't familiar with greenpoint at the time and now lives there. needless to say a LOT has happened in five years.

i've explored the northeast (upstate, poconos, maine-new hampshire, niagara falls, catskills, ithaca). heck, i lived in london for 6 months. there has been amazing art over the years - be kind rewind, swimming cities, gnomes vs snowmen, nuit blanche, storm king and not to mention all the armory shows.  oh and the music - bon iver at o.g. sound fix, adele at highline ballroom, sigur ros at moma, fleet foxes at bowery, sufjan listening party, st. vincent at bell house, patrick watson at manhattan inn and lianne la havas at bowery.

there have been many firsts. i had my very first snow day! i attended my first fashion show. i completed my first 10k. there have also been many farewells as pals moved back to the west coast or abroad. with this milestone, i can't help think how much longer. before i moved i thought five years would be sufficient to get that new york bug out of my system, but as the years flew it was less about shaking it off and calling brooklyn my home. so how many more years? i am coming back to california. that i know. when is the expiration date on new york? that's the million dollar question.

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