Monday, February 15, 2010

fashion week: y-3

best new york moment: y-3 show for ny fashion week. shar's not much of a fashion plate, but she does admire the art of clothing. y-3 is up my alley too since it's more a casual sports wear line from adidas by yohji yamamoto. my roomie happened upon 2 passes, so off we went for the show at the park avenue armory, which is an ahmazing space. the location was a set for trading places and that episode of satc where charlotte gets her tartan dress torn by trey. fashion faux pas indeed.

the show began with some precise beams of light across the long catwalk. meow! this lighting scheme reminded me of the fever ray concert.

yohji incorporated masks in the second half of the show

these trenches were promptly stripped and thrown at the end of the catwalk
yohji in his ring, pre-battle with a male model

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