Friday, March 20, 2009

guys and dolls

must lorelai song and dance: guys and dolls starring lauren graham (aka lorelai gilmore). when ester told me ms. graham was hitting broadway i had to get myself there to see her in person. luckily, angela was able to get student rush tickets. thanks angela! you rule at getting the best discounts on broadway. we had partial view tickets, but still rear orchestra for $26.50 ain't bad.

i must say i was quite impressed by lauren's vocals and live schtick. miss adelaide has a quirky voice that doesn't resemble lauren's real voice or pipes. the singing wasn't exactly how i was expecting it to be, but i thought lauren pulled it off splendidly.

being an avid viewer of gilmore girls since 2001, i had to wait at the stage door to catch a glimpse of her. i saw kate jennings grant first and she was really sweet. got her signature on my playbill, along with...drumroll please...lauren graham's. this was the closest i got to a pic of her.

1 comment:

grace said...

i love it! yay lorelai! shar, you are one lucky gal~~

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