Friday, March 20, 2009

fltgc: apex arts

fltgc continuation: apex arts. i went to kick my heart's ass last week to preview the spot. david meiklejohn is a doll and offered more "my heart is an idiot" pins. if you want one, let me know. i'm going to hit him up for some. today i returned to apex to get my fill of hearthbreak and love. jac and laura were no shows due to work, but zaid met up with me. we were able to watch all the videos in booth 1 and 3:

the steps by jason orfanon & a.j. wilheilm (this was my fav for it's collage of break-up confessions)
opposite others by sarah locke & ghostshrimp

swallow my heart by brett loudermilk

the lovebirds by chris k
foreign bodies of water by scott patterson
oh, love by shaina feinberg
the transformation of genesis p-orridge by kel o'neill and eline jongsma

i never got to booth 4, which featured george & brad: in the bedroom by jessica sanders (pictured above) and it certainly gets me in trouble: a brief dissection of the hearts of songwriters by jenny owen youngs. sad, it was just too popular prolly because of the tony write up. show closes tomorrow, so try to get in there if you can.

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