Sunday, May 31, 2009

a camp @ club lamdi

best belated concert worth the effort: a camp at club lambi. shar's longed to see nina persson ever since she sang "love me, love me." she passed on seeing them on her birthday back in 2004 at popscene. boy was she sorry.

anyhoot, shar was able to see her tonight. i was
scouring the montreal concert calendar for gigs and did not find anything except for bands playing after i was leaving montreal. :( i happened upon a camp in one of those tourist guides. they were scheduled to play saints showbar, so headed over friday to get tickets at the box office. i arrived to a sign saying it was closed because of flooding. checked the a camp site and the show was moved to lambi. okie dokie, tickets available through cheap thrills, so hit them up. they didn't have them prolly because of the venue change. i did enjoy their selection of vinyl. so third try is the charm and i got tickets at the door.

i saw nina pre-show scurry past the crowd to the green room. the feathered headband was a dead give away. she was petite and a showstopper in a faux chanteuse with dark eyeliner kinda way. club lambi was a perfect little venue to have my first encounter with nina. it's decorated with vinyl on walls and hanging from the ceiling. i wished my battery in my camera hadn't died or i would have posted pics. a camp played quite a few covers by daniel johnston and grace jones, which is a preview of their upcoming covers ep. i ony really knew their single, "stronger than jesus" which they sang to close their set before an encore. nina you were worth the wait and hope to see you soon.

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