Friday, May 29, 2009

fltgc (french canadian edition): montreal biennale

best remote fltgc: montreal biennale! omg, this exhibition was outstanding and very much a participatory experience. oh you french canadians know how to throw down some arty goodness. i thought that l'ecole was just the site of the montreal biennale's open design and host to stefan sagmeister's obsessions are helpful professionally but inane privately, however shar was pleasantly surprised that most all of the biennale was exhibiting there. there's so much i have to shorthand it:

- "rip.: remix" was fortuitously showing as i entered. a 85min doc about copyright laws with gregg gillis of girl talk as the forefront subject. did you know gregg is a bioengineer by day?

- obsessions are helpful professionally but inane privately stems for a phrase that mr. sagmeister provided. here are just a few interpretations.

- shopdropping comments on advertising in the commodities sector, primarily in the form of grocery store shelves.

- daniel jolliffe's une minute gratuite/one free minute asks viewers to record a message to be played at a future performance. what would you say? call 1-888-500-1011.

- melissa mongiat's the good conspiracy is another participatory exhibit where viewers are asked to provide compliments, good news and advice on recorded phone messages or write them down on little notecards and notepad.
- mathieu bouchard + alexandre catonguay (uber frenchy no?) bring read + write, where one literally can write on the wall.

- peter bard's man with a movie camera: the global remake is a homage to vertov's og version only mr. bard asks us to play along. this totally brought me back to college film class.

- rick leong providing visuals to soundscapes

- montage of photos from brazilan cao guimaraes

- my fav by far of the show, roadsworth's street art, which covers downtown montreal into the l' ecole. it reminds me of banksy with a splash of kara walker. love, LOVE, LOVED!

- making do and getting by, a collection of sculptures on film from richard wentworth

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