Monday, June 1, 2009

montreal wrap-up

top ten moments of shar tour of montreal: shar je t'aime montreal.

10.) refraining from alcohol on rue crescent and rue bishop amongst all the
9.) deja vu of paris at square victoria station

8.) pho dinner in chinatown on a rainy sunday
finally seeing nina persson with a camp at club lambi
6.) working out of palais des congres or as i like to call it - color palais
5.) view of montreal from st. helene island port
4.) late dinner at au pied de cochon, having my first foie gras poutine
3.) le grand continental on rue emery as part of festival transameriques

2.) montreal biennale
1.) after dinner stroll to the top of mount royale to the chalet for the most ahhhhmazing view of downtown montreal


jac said...

le grand continental looked like fun!! did you dance too?

Vanessa C. said...

mmm... sounds like a beautiful and yummy trip!

angelinaFONG designs said...

Wow sounds like you had a great time!! Just what you needed! = )

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